The real, proven “secrets” to standing out online, banishing the Instagram Overwhelm & attracting the right kind of followers for YOU.

No matter how many followers you gain, you want to reach more of your kind of people; you want raving fans who will eventually want to be your clients, right? 

But there’s a lot to learn & it can be overwhelming to try & tackle Instagram all alone, also right?!

So join me to learn how it’s done in just 6 weeks, with step by step videos, tips & all the hand holding you need.

We start January 31st!


This is a picture of me,

Sarah Raanan

and I am frustrated!

Why am I frustrated? 

As a branding photographer & branding mentor, I work with the misfit creatives, the rule-breaking small business owners and the change-making entrepreneurs! My clients are creatives, product makers, writers, designers, marketers & coaches.

Maybe you’re a graphic designer or a copywriter or a jewelry maker?

Perhaps you’re a marketing agency or a mindset coach, an Etsy seller or a fitness instructor?

Whatever it is that you do, one thing you need to know about me for starters is that I’m really really good at seeing my clients for the amazing and unique people they are; but my frustration usually kicks in after a quick look at their Instagram pages! I just don’t see them there at all. It’s like someone switched off their individual brilliance and turned them all into shadows of themselves…

 Well, I’m not standing for that anymore.

I’m here to help you get over whatever is holding you back from  sharing your magic all over Instagram & showing up in all your glory.

{if I had a jingle, here’s where it would play..}

Introducing my new & long-awaited online course:

Pump Up The Gram!

The only course you will ever need to learn how to use Instagram to Pump up:

⚡️YOUR Brand

⚡️YOUR Business, and

⚡️YOUR Voice

to get in front of YOUR Audience.



"Who is 'Pump Up The Gram' for?"

Man Artist: Medium-Light Skin Tone


Writing Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone


Triangular Ruler


Woman Technologist: Medium Skin Tone


Partying Face


Whether you are a complete novice (you don’t know your IGTV from your elbow), or you’ve tried using Instagram before without much success, keep on reading.


After teaching other business owners how to use Instagram for the last few years, I noticed that there are more or less 5 types of Instagram users… so I put together a little quiz to help you work out which one you are.  

Oh and to save time, there’s only one question…🤣

1) Which answer best describes how you use Instagram?

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D

Type E

I dabble, posting a random selection of things with ALL the cringey hashtags #livingmybestlife #bossbabe #blessed

I ignore Instagram completely as I don’t understand it at all & it scares me. 

I kinda expected followers and clients to come flooding in after my first post. They didn’t so now I’m sulking.

I spend way too much time faffing about on there, posting pictures of my coffee and trying to convince myself I am “networking.”

I recognise the value of the platform to my business but still find it overwhelming & feel like something is missing.

Ok confession time. It doesn’t really matter which type you are. If you’ve got this far, it’s clear to me that:

⚡️You want to stand out
⚡️You want a clear plan
⚡️You want to banish the overwhelm

And guess what?! It’s time to make all of that happen!

Jellybean, are we ready?


1) Which answer best describes how you use Instagram?

Type A’s

I dabble, posting a random selection of things with ALL the cringey hashtags #livingmybestlife #bossbabe #blessed

Type B’s

I ignore Instagram completely as I don’t understand it at all & it scares me. 

Type C’s

I kinda expected followers and clients to come flooding in after my first post. They didn’t so now I’m sulking.

Type D’s

I spend way too much time faffing about on there, posting pictures of my coffee and trying to convince myself I am “networking.”

Type E’s

I recognise the value of the platform to my business but still find it overwhelming & feel like something is missing.

Ok confession time. It doesn’t really matter which type you are. If you’ve got this far, it’s clear to me that:

⚡️You want to stand out
⚡️You want a clear plan
⚡️You want to banish the overwhelm

And guess what?! It’s time to make all of that happen!

Jellybean, are we ready?

"But can I really be bothered to learn another new thing? I'm on Facebook already. What’s so special about Instagram?"

It's the place to be

Instagram celebrated its 10th birthday in October 2020 and with just over 1 billion users worldwide (yes BILLION – that wasn’t a typo!) I think it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere soon.  It’s the second most logged in social media site on the planet with 60% of users logging in at least once a day.

It is a mighty marketing tool

Although it started out as a cutesy little app to edit photos with, Instagram has morphed into a mighty marketing tool for all types, shapes & sizes of businesses who are looking to grow their visibility online.

You can unleash your creativity, big time!

I started using Instagram for business in 2015 and I was very quickly hooked.  I LOVE the potential for creativity & expression that Instagram continues to offer. And it just keeps getting better!

"But there are loads of other courses out there on Instagram, what makes this one so unique, Sarah?"

Yep, I hear you! Lots of people launch Instagram courses that promise “100k followers in 5 days” or “30 days to your first $1m on Instagram”, or “The exact blueprint to make your first million on Instagram”.

So what if I told you I had discovered that there is a secret code, hidden deep inside Instagram… And that once I share that with you, you will literally have legions of followers throwing money at you?

Yep, that’s right, I’d be lying!

The problem with courses like that is that they are based on something that worked for the course creator (maybe even only once.) Anyone can write a course on what worked for them, but will it work for you? How can you possibly show up as yourself using someone else’s formula for success?


Hint: you can’t.


Imagine if I gave you a small cuddly llama toy, dressed you in my favourite top and then told you to go out and be yourself, but you absolutely must wear my top and wave the llama around at all times as it’s the only way to grow your following…

You’d think I was nuts right?


But that’s effectively what a lot of these other courses try and get you to do – do exactly what works for them, and then you wonder why it doesn’t work for you…


Pump Up The Gram is different. Yes, I teach you about what I’ve learned on Instagram, but the biggest difference is I am not going to teach you how to show up as a clone of me – the world really isn’t ready for that!

What I am going to do in this course is remove all the “I don’t know how to do that” roadblocks so that you have the tools you need to show up as yourself. You get to connect with your customers the only way that you can (and I get my clothes & llama toy back, win-win!).

I said earlier that this is the only How-To-Instagram course you will ever need.

A bold claim I hear you cry! 

No, not really.

In Pump Up The Gram we start at the very beginning (a very good place to start! sing along with me)


Once you get to grips with the basics, you will have everything you need to be able to get your brilliant self out there on the platform like a pro, and ride the waves of this ever evolving app with ease.

“Wait! That sounds awesome, but what exactly is inside the course? How is it structured?”

Of course!
Where are my manners?!

Let me take you on a quick tour:



The art and science of getting your IG profile set up right – the first time round. 

First we will step backwards & start from the beginning, making sure you have all the basic building blocks in place, because you can’t learn to run until you first learn to walk those baby steps.

Next we will work on your bio & contact info, making sure we squeeze the most out of the 150 character limit 

We will look at why you might be inadvertently losing leads, and the one simple change that fixes this and makes it super easy for people to get in touch with you AND BUY FROM YOU!!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves & get busy!


Now that you’ve worked on your foundations, I want to take you on a tour of Instagram & show you where everything lives. Together we will unravel the jargon and discover which bit of IG does what so that you can start using it properly, without second-guessing yourself.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn your way around the interface & get familiar with all the tabs 
  • See why your Instagram feed isn’t the only place you should be spending time.
  • Understand where to find the discovery page (and what to do with it)
  • Discover where to go to create a story, 
  • Learn how to use IGTV and 
  • Understand what makes posting on Insta subtly different to Facebook


Practical guidance and my top tips for improving your Instagram game by combining what works with your own authentic vibe

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn some juicy tips on different ways you can improve your Instagram posts 
  • Walk with me as I talk you through how to narrow down your vibe, 
  • Discover how to keep your feed engaging 
  • Understand the importance of being sociable on social media


Plus we will explore the ever changing world of hashtags. And a whole lot more!


Now it’s time to get cosy with stories! Think that Instagram stories are a step too far to get your head around? Stick with me here and I’ll have them working for you in no time.

I’ll share all my tips on tweaking your settings, using create mode, creating highlights, using filters & going live.

I’ll be demystifying “boomerangs”, “superzoom”, “layout” and “hands free” so that you can easily use them like a pro.

You’ll also learn about the right way and the wrong way to use IG stories, and why it matters.

Plus using fonts & stickers.. and so many more things!!


Finally, I get to talk photography with you! This module is a mini-masterclass on how to create eye-catching images to support your posts. After all, Instagram is a photo-based platform, right?

We will cover:

  • All the prep that you need to do before you pick up your phone to shoot
  • My whole shooting process & why you don’t want to skip  editing your images (includes my best tips time-saving tips for how to do it the easy way, without it taking hours)
  • The subtle difference that having the right lighting can make to your images

Get ready to take your skills to a new level!


In this module, we will get into something that very often doesn’t get touched upon, which is how to make sure you are using Instagram in a way that works for you

We will talk about how to find your people on Instagram & make sure that it is a positive experience for you.

I’ll show you how to customise your experience so you can focus on what matters to you and your clients.

You’ll learn how to stick to a consistent posting schedule, without it taking over your life.

You’ll also find a pep talk here from me about being visible in your business and not being afraid to show up & sell.

Sound good?! 

We start January 31st!

But that’s not all!

I have a whole host of juicy bonuses up my sleeve.
Allow me to introduce:

🍑Juicy Bonus 1 - The Bonus Module:

  • My favorite templates to help organize your Instagram stories
  • The secrets of the “Giant Square” collages and how you can use them
  • Making hashtags work for you without posting & crossing your fingers each time.
  • How to get the best out of my favourite photo editing app & get the look you want from your images
  • Using the Giphy search tool to the max.

🍑Juicy Bonus 2 - The Facebook Community:

Lifetime access to the private Pump Up The Gram Facebook Community where you can get feedback, learn & connect with others and get updates on the latest releases and changes within the app.

🍑Juicy Bonus 3 - The Live Q&A's:​

For the Pump Up Pioneers who are first to purchase this brand new course, (that’s you), there is a bonus of live access to a weekly Zoom Q&A and feedback session with me every Thursday.

🍑Juicy Bonus 4 - The Early Bird PDF​

For my Early Bird peeps who sign up before January 10th 2021, there is exclusive access to my bonus ebook “Pump Up Your Instagram Captions”, the ultimate guide to writing better captions on Instagram.

Ready to Pump Up YOUR Gram?

So, to recap...

Seven modules, six weeks and one Sarah (at your service). 


Each Sunday, we start a new module, with video tutorials to work through and an assignment to complete. Then on Thursdays we meet up to discuss your progress, make time for feedback from me  and address your questions on a live Q&A on Zoom.

Want to come on a quick guided tour via video? Click the video below!​

You will learn:

⭐The right way and the wrong way to set up your account and profile for maximum effectiveness.
⭐Where to find the little-known features that can make a real difference to the reach on your posts.
⭐How to quickly and easily improve the quality of your posts and generate the right engagement, plus the right way to use those pesky hashtags.
⭐What you must do before creating your first (or next) Instagram story.
⭐My professional photography tips and tricks for making the most of your Instagram images.
⭐The strategies and techniques I use to keep up a strong Instagram game.

And let me get really clear about what this course isn’t.

There will be:

❌NO ‘magical secrets’ to give you a million followers in just 5 days

❌NO turning yourself into a Kardashian or Jenner to get followers

❌NO randomly following people in the hope of a follow-back

❌NO spending all day everyday online, following some ‘guaranteed formula’ to make all the monies.

❌NO long-lost secret to beat the algorithm

The FAQ's

"How much time each day do I have to commit?”

The course isn't designed to take over your life for 6 weeks; it's broken down into bite sized pieces to make it easy to digest. Each module has an average of 8 videos and each video is approx 5 minutes long, so you're looking at between 30-40 mins of video content each week, which can be spread across a few days. The amount of time that you dedicate to practising what you learn is entirely up to you; obviously the more you practice, the more you will progress!

"Why is this different to other courses?"

Pump Up The Gram is written with you in mind. I have been test driving this course for about 3 years now & really paying attention to the feedback. I take into account all the frustration and overwhelm that you may be feeling when you try to get to grips with using Instagram and I also acknowledge the fact that you are not Kylie Jenner with 202 million followers, so we need to approach things from where you are, not where Kylie is ie, what works for her isn't going to work for you!

"How is it going to make a difference for me?"

By the time you complete this course, your Instagram fog will have lifted. You will have a clear idea of what you are using the platform for, what your goals are, who you are talking to & what you want to say! You'll understand what to post & when, how to plan out your posts properly & how to properly engage with your audience.

"Why buy it now?"

Instagram recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and have been rolling out some incredible changes to the app which have made the platform even more powerful than ever. With so many more businesses making the switch to an online presence, now is not the time to be left standing on the platform. It's time to get on board the Instagram Express! In addition, this is the first year that Pump Up The Gram is running and the price is super low. Once the doors close on January 17th, it wont be offered again at such a low price point so GRAB IT NOW!

"Shouldn’t I be buying a course from someone who has more followers than you??

I totally get this question. Here's the thing. I have taken no less than 6 Instagram courses by people who have hundreds & thousands of followers. And without fail, the thing that they all managed to ignore was this: what advice do you give to people who have maybe 250 followers right now and feel like they are talking to themselves? Because honestly, how does it help to tell you to 'put out valuable content that tells a story' or to 'address your ideal client's pain points' and then act like the problem is solved? What I set out to do in PUTG is to address that kind of frustration with practical tips & solutions based on WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW (ie, minus the 200,000 followers)

"How long will I have access to the course?"

Once you sign up and create an account, you'll have lifetime access & can always log back in and access the course whenever you want a quick reap. Plus if you keep an eye on the FB group notifications, you’ll stay up to date with videos of new updates on the platform.

🚀Buckle up buttercup, because this course will change how you use Instagram forever, without getting overwhelmed, sobbing into your pillow in despair, or trying to beat the bloody algorithm!

So, start your engines
& meet me on the inside!